Joshua Tree Bhakti Camp - 2024
Dates - November 3- 6th, 2023
location – Joshua Tree, CA
admission – SOLD OUT

Joshua Tree Bhakti Camp is a weekend event in Joshua Tree, California . The camp will include kirtans,
philosophical discussions, Q&A sessions, nature hikes, private natural hot springs, and delicious spiritual
food. Please come join us for this amazing opportunity to grow in your spiritual life.

What to expect:
● 3 nights Accommodation
● Lively Kirtan
● Themed discussions
● Vegan/vegetarian meals and snacks
● Scenic location
● Nature Hikes, Natural Hot springs , etc.
● Transportation to and from Joshua Tree

*** Cancellation policy

There will be no refunds or discounts for cancellations later than 3 weeks prior to the event. There will be
no refunds or discounts for arriving late, leaving early, or travel delays.


Questions about the pilgrimage, please contact:


An AMZING EXPERIENCE! One of the Best experiences in my Krishna Consciousness. A couple of things I liked about the retreats. First of all, it had an organized lecture series with time to reflect and discuss out takeaways with the other devotees. I also loved the association and spending quality time with so many new devotees. And, finally the Kirtan experience was great! Apart from the devotional part of the camp, we experienced some hiking and games.


Thank you Balaram Prhabu, Makunda and Saul for a highly organized and amazing experience. Perfect and Spot on. They helped everyone to feel comfortable and to express themselves. The questions and answers session towards the end was really helpful for myself. But, I also learned from other peoples questions. Overall, this was an amazing experience. It was a very wholesome experience. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for an immersive experience into Bhakti.





The retreat was a great experience. My favorite part was connecting wit the dear devotees. I had the opportunity to connect withe new people whom I wouldn’t have the opportunity to associate with. Understanding their background and how they got into Krishna Consciousness was very refreshing and inspiring. I also got the opportunity to serve by cooking prasadam for the devotees as well. This was very nice. The overall experience was so fun. It was lite, fun and no stress all the while being emerged in Bhakti. 10 out 10 experience, I would do it again and again. I look forward to the next retreat.



I really recommend the Bhakti retreats because they are a very unique and revitalizing experience. There is nourishment at every level. You can start by nourishing your body with healthy food prepared with love by Bhakta Saul. You can attend hikes to experience divinity in nature. You can experience Titan meditation and dance freely with others. This retreat is also a way of having spiritual fun and connecting with other like minded people of deepening your friendships in Bhakti. It feels like traveling with family. You can also a great was to immerse yourself in the Bhakti tradition and the opportunity to interact with the brahamacharis who have at the temple for many years. They answered so many questions to help you advance. The accommodations were exceptional. We stayed in these mansion like cabins. I am very grateful to Balaram, Makunda, Saul and Tyler for being so exceptional. they made us feel welcomed, safe and comfortable. Thank you so much, and I look forward to the next retreat.



The retreat was an Amazing-life changing experience. Full of laughter and dancing and the color of gold. the prasadam healed me, haha, on all levels. I think I slimed down a little while I was there, haha. The people, the interactions, the friendships built, the shared love for Krishna was indescribable. I would recommend that anyone who is in a happy place or a bad place to come to one of these retreats. You can practice the Maha Mantra with other devotees. 10 10 I would highly recommend this. Balaram is an amazing monk with so much knowledge. His presence is comforting and welcoming, always asking you the right questions and has great leadership qualities. I would go again tomorrow.